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World Water Day 2021

Water means different things to different people. 

At Synergy, water is central to every aspect of our work. First, looking out to the sea that is our workplace, as a responsible shipmanager we are committed to protecting the oceans and the wildlife and the lives that depend on them. As the people who come to the water, we behave sensibly in it.

Looking ashore, and further inland, there are still so many places where it is the water that must make the journey. So water is also central to our long-term initiatives in helping families get clean drinking water and good sanitation, basic necessities that are deeply linked to poverty. For example, we commissioned a series of borewells at Chithukadu, in rural Tamil Nadu.

Women and children had to earlier walk miles each day for decent water, but thanks to the 6 storage and 120 polyethene tanks, potable water literally on the doorstep is no longer a distant dream for the community. The water has come to the people. Likewise, some 30 toilets have been built at Adigathur Panchayat and 51 at Chithukadu Panchayat, with 30 more sanctioned. Good sanitation is taking shape.

What does water mean to you?

Synergy’s founder Capt Rajesh Unni

Capt.Rajesh Unni