Galley Masters: Synergy's Culinary and Story Challenge 2024

To highlight a vital but maybe largely unseen aspect of onboard life we invited our galley teams to display their culinary prowess and share their unique stories, showing a chosen dish's journey from preparation to plating through photos, videos or a detailed essay, and also to recount their own "Cook's Tale", with something about their own background and what happens in and behind the galley.

A great many entries from right across our fleet gave the Judging Panel real difficulty and meant a shortlist of 22, which eventually came down to eight, from which on 31 January the winner and two runners-up were chosen.

First place was awarded to the entry from the "MERSEY", for its outstanding written account and background detail, capturing the spirit of the contest by bringing to life the galley's environment and the people within it and what they do. The first and second runners-up are respectively entries from the "NORD PENGUIN" and the "SAKIZAYA RESPECT", both distinguished by their engaging visual storytelling and close up culinary presentation.

Photo Video Essay Contest 2023


A Galley Master’s Tale - Chief Cook Isaac Castellino and General Steward Ashokkumar Solanki

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First runner-up

Life in the galley of the “NORD PENGUIN” - Eric and Earl

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Second runner-up

A Chief Cook's tale - a tribute to the helping hands along the way, from a grateful and thoughtful Wisley N. Wacguiyan

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