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Company Policy

Synergy Company Policy

Occupational health and safety and environmental protection are key Synergy priorities.

Ship operations present many health, safety, and environmental risks, and we seek to eliminate and minimise these at all levels. Synergy will therefore continue to:

Bullet PointCreate and maintain safe systems of operation amid safe working environments

Bullet PointCreate and maintain a safe and healthy work ethos, with no unauthorised use of drugs or alcohol

Bullet PointExamine its working practices to identify risks and where necessary establish or further improve safeguards

Bullet PointEnsure that all comply with any applicable rules and regulations

Bullet PointProvide all vessels with adequate resources and shore-based support

Bullet PointEmploy competent and qualified personnel

Bullet PointProvide training to enable all employees to attain and then surpass company objectives and targets

Bullet PointContinually improve skills

Bullet PointContinually monitor performance of the company, its vessels and employees

Bullet PointFormulate corrective and preventive actions, including incident investigations and audits both on board and ashore

Bullet PointRegularly issue and update all safety-related information

Bullet PointDevelop, practice, evaluate and improve contingency and emergency response plans

Bullet PointProactively manage customer relationships and regularly review and improve management systems

Bullet PointEmploy the latest IT and develop systems that are easy to understand and use

Bullet PointSynergy also contributes towards community well-being by various CSR initiatives, and its internal Open Reporting and Whistleblowing Systems allow serious concerns or compliance issues to be raised anonymously

Bullet PointSynergy does not tolerate malpractice, impropriety, discrimination, or any other form of wrongdoing by its employees or subcontractors

Whistleblowing and Open Reporting System

It is the desire and aim of the Synergy Group to develop, promote and maintain high standards of corporate governance within the Group. The Group does not tolerate any corporate impropriety, malpractice or wrongdoing by staff in the course of their work.

Employees are often the first to realise that there may be irregularities within a company. However, employees may not express their concerns for fear of being disloyal to their colleagues or to the company. They may also be afraid of discrimination or harassment. In such circumstances employees may feel that it is best to ignore the concern rather than report. Similarly, External parties who have dealings with the company (such as customers and suppliers) may also avoid raising a concern of potential irregularities for the same reasons. We have two systems in place to address this –

Whistleblowing System
For serious illegal behavior or sensitive concerns that could have a material adverse impact on Synergy Group or which may have a significant effect on person’s life or health.

Open Reporting
For non-compliance issues and other marine violations in general concerning Health, Safety, Quality and Environment. Focus is on vessel operational items and any concern may be reported via this system.

Both the Whistleblowing System and the Open Reporting system enable anonymous reporting.

Click here to use our Whistleblowing portal & Open Reporting