2024 Sustainability Report

Maritime sustainability report 2024

As a compendium of our dedication to people, planet and profit and the right way to address the crucial interdependence of these things, we are very proud to attach our Sustainability Report 2024. 

Following an impassioned keynote message from our Executive Chairman and a brief outline of the scope of the global Synergy Marine Group and its core values, this describes and then illustrates our holistic approach to sustainability before detailing all aspects, including tackling GHG emissions as part of decarbonisation and the vital principle of stakeholder engagement. It then quantifies activities and achievements by using the crucial data that continue, daily, to be captured, analysed and reported as part of critically appraising performance, discreetly noting success and also distilling plans and honing strategy for increased effort, wider application and ever more improvement.

We invite you to dive with us into this worldwide ocean of Environmental care, Social responsibility and Governance and ethics, and as we do to see and develop their symbiosis, such that we all can one day look back with pride at the part we have played in the stewardship of our world and receive the thanks of our successors.