Victory in the Ionian

Congratulations to Capt. Pradeep Singh and his crew on board the “FAIRCHEM VICTORY” for their part in a successful SAR.

While on laden passage from Ravenna to Tuzla, at noon on 12 October, and at 39* 33.78’ N, 018* 59.23’ E, the vessel received VHF calls from Bari and Olympia Radio. She then diverted towards a position some 28 nm away, soon after being told by JRCC Piraeus to proceed to a slightly different location and then search within a 2 nm radius.   

At maximum rpm, with extra lookouts posted and after a bridge team planning meeting, the “FAIRCHEM VICTORY” arrived at 15:00. The crew conducted a thorough search, but found nothing. Olympia Radio acknowledged and after a short standby the vessel was allowed to resume passage.

About 30 minutes later, though, after a report from the Libyan Navy of a yacht in distress, the “FAIRCHEM VICTORY” returned an ETA of 45 minutes and sighted the yacht at 16:18, in the northeast of the Ionian Sea, immobilised due to engine failure but with an Italian SAR craft nearby. 

As instructed, and with a team and equipment mobilised on deck to provide assistance, the “FAIRCHEM VICTORY” manoeuvred so as to shelter the yacht and lessen the effect of heavy swell, so the SAR vessel could perform the rescue. At 17:12 the yacht was made fast, starboard side alongside, and by 17:35 all of 85 people had been safely taken off, and after the necessary checks the “FAIRCHEM VICTORY” again resumed passage.  

This is another example of a Synergy vessel giving prompt, diligent and also persistent help, and playing a major role in the saving of many lives, and we echo the warm words of the Italian Coast Guard, whose Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre kindly wrote to us as follows:   

Dear Commander,
With reference to the event of 13 October 2021 that involved your ship which, under the coordination of this National Coast Guard Operations Centre, the ITMRCC, provided assistance, escorting and protecting, until the arrival of one of our patrol boats, from difficult weather conditions, a sailing boat with about 85 people on board headed for the Italian coast.
The ITMRCC intends to express a sincere thank you for the active cooperation provided by you and your crew which allowed us to carry out the rescue operations in safety.
Well done!

Well done, indeed, in the performance of one of the most important duties of all – to render assistance and save lives at sea.

Crew of Victory Fairchem
search and rescue operation by Synergy Marine
Rescued boat in the sea