The ‘two Os’ that could help shipping cut greenhouse gas emissions now

In a recent TradeWinds Green Seas podcast, Captain Rajesh Unni of Synergy Marine Group and Cargill’s Eman Abdalla highlighted operational efficiency and optimisation as vital companions to alternative fuels in the quest for greener shipping.

They proposed two pivotal strategies: enhancing cross-sector collaboration and transforming contract practices to align shipping operations with port logistics, thus curtailing unnecessary fuel consumption during idle times at ports.

Additionally, they emphasised the necessity of integrating cutting-edge hardware and software across fleets, encouraging the adoption of energy-saving technologies and data analytics to optimise voyages for reduced emissions.

Captain Unni underscored the importance of collective action and a purpose-driven mindset among maritime professionals to drive significant, sustainable change within the industry, benefiting the planet and setting a conscientious precedent for future generations.