Synergy Maritime Pvt. Ltd secures Green Award Certification

Synergy has successfully secured a Green Award by demonstrating its commitment to best-in-class operations and environmental performance. This is a voluntary quality certification scheme that inspects and certifies ships. 

The Green Award is designed to independently recognise ship managers that see it as their duty to owners and the environment to reach the pinnacle of excellence on environmental performance.

The Green Award audit process includes a full office audit to observe a company’s management system and its operational policies and procedures. This is followed by a two-stage ship survey which incorporates a documentation review and a survey onboard the ship. The audit is performed by experienced surveyors working exclusively for Green Award. 

Green Award certified companies, such as Synergy Group, are entitled to various incentives to encourage their socially responsible behaviour including discounts on port dues, maritime-related services and equipment, and extra recognition on various industry databases. Valid for 3 years, the Green Award certificate will  benefit Synergy’s  ship-owning clients immensely.

The Green Award certification further reaffirms Synergy’s long-term commitment to decarbonisation and sustainable shipping to ensure a net-zero emissions future for shipping.