Action on board the MT “PICO BASILE”

It has been almost four months now since we started an initiative called the SAFETY INCENTIVE PROGRAMME, by which monthly awards are given to crew members for LARP (Look, Act, Report, Prevent) activity, Videotel training and Best Cabin for cleanliness and hygiene.  

In essence this promotes and rewards seafarer participation in health, safety and orderliness.

Why did we start?

It is obvious that improved health and safety training and awareness can help save lives and reduce injury and illness. However, good practices are not due to luck, and establishing and implementing them, such that everyone is visibly seeking to do the best thing, can create great contentment within a crew.

Thus we on the MT “PICO BASILE” wanted an environment where each and every crew member could proudly say that health and safety is the utmost priority.

We felt that a similar reward programme covering the whole fleet was not reaching everyone, and this vessel-specific system engages our whole crew and makes them more involved in raising the bar on safety and health awareness.

The programme itself 

To motivate everyone and thus get the active participation of all, we give monthly awards in the following categories:

  1. LARP Cards 
    1. Best Card 
    2. Runner-up Card 
    3. Most LARP notifications 
  2. Most Videotel training done
  3. Best Cabin for hygiene and cleanliness

Outcome of the Safety Incentive Programme:

What have we achieved? 

Many onboard tasks are repetitive and routine, and that can trigger boredom and thus laziness as regards safety. 

But this Programme has made the entire ship staff more proactive, and cognisant of and innovative with the daily duties, and has developed a strong sense of competition in cleanliness, health and hygiene, hence an increase in standards. 

Videotel training has increased considerably, and instead of having to push people to do this we now see it as part of everyone’s daily routine. 

LARP Card notifications have increased in number and also in quality and variety, which tells us that the crew have immersed themselves in the safety culture and have been thinking outside the box.

Feedback from crew members:

“Cleanliness standards have increased on the ship, which resulted in open communication among crew and officers. We are always watching each other’s back while working and are looking out for unsafe conditions. I wan this to be on all Synergy vessels.” 

– Pumpman Rohan Vasnat Tare

“We are always alert while working, and now we have started to see things differently. Assessing risk and doing work safely has become a habit instead of just being on paper. To be the best, we compete among ourselves. Everyone is pushing hard for safety training and cleanliness.” 

– AB Siya Ram

“This incentive programme has developed a sense of motivation and made me disciplined in cleanliness and safety standards.” 

– Chief Cook Shakil Alam

“This safety initiative program creates a positive competition among crew members which is important for in everyone’s everyday life. Each small contribution of LARP creates a big barrier against unsafe circumstances. Even though the prize is small, the urge of getting a prize on stage motivates everyone to bring out their best in all aspects, including cabin cleaning. It is difficult for the jury to select the best cabin as everyone’s cabin are the best. With this continuation, I hope Pico Basile becomes best among others.” 

– 3rd Officer Premkumar Maria Aron

“All crew, including me, have become more safety-conscious. These measures were present before, but with this award, it has developed a spirit of fair competition among us in terms to be best.” 

– Oiler Amit Sarang

“Safety first… this is what we learnt. And when there is competition, it makes me think more and more about the safety of each activity. I hope this system continues.” 

– 3rd Engineer Karthik Eangovan

“The idea of a LARP card competition made the crew more enthusiastic in making LARP cards even though the prize money is less. It made the crew’s think about safety at all times, which is important in shipping. It would be good for the welfare of the crew and the company if this continues.” 

– Jr. Engineer Karthick Raj

Success by statistics:

The below data compilation speaks for itself.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Capt. Manoj Kumar Pandey for this initiative, which has inspired the crew to prioritise health, safety and training, and for implementing the programme superbly and with such a great outcome.

On behalf of whole “PICO BASILE” family,

Ishan Rana, Second Officer