RYE to the rescue

While transiting the Madagascar Strait and on passage from Santos to Bin Qasim, our team onboard the “BW RYE”, under the command of Captain Puneet Arora, received and at once responded to a VHF distress call from a small and drifting craft, with 40 people onboard. The distressed vessel had run out of food, water and fuel and was drifting due to engine failure.

After contact from MRCC Reunion  #OurPeople gave assistance with all of these and also enquired if any medical assistance was required. The “BW RYE” resumed passage four hours later, upon release by MRCC Reunion with confirmation that further help was coming from the Comoro Islands.

The crew acted according to duty and with professionalism and compassion that might have made a big difference in the saving of life. We are proud to be working alongside colleagues who embody our core values every day. Well done team “BW Rye”.