Priceless Pearl – a rescue off Cuba

We first congratulate Captain Anshuman Banerjee and our crew on the “WHITE PEARL” for their part in a successful rescue recently, and also echo the warm words of Captain Rajeeva Krishna Mathur, the COO of the Owners, who said “Kumiai Senpaku Co., Ltd commends you for your quick call to action which resulted in saving four lives at sea. We greatly appreciate the crew’s diligence at the watch and their honouring the first law of the sea by rendering assistance to those in peril. This is indeed an accomplishment that all can be proud of for the rest of their lives, and please accept our sincerest gratitude.”

The vessel’s actions, and this very kind accolade, also fully express the views of the President of Kumiai Senpaku Co., Ltd, Mr. Nobutaka Mukae.

On 4th March 2022, at 17:09 LT and at 23 00.7N/079 26.30W the crew sighted four people on a capsized craft, later identified as the 20m “SEAWIL”.

Having immediately sounded the general alarm, reduced speed, posted extra lookouts and urgently contacted the nearest MRCC, the Captain initiated a Williamson turn and headed back towards his MOB mark, with all crew mustered on the main deck.

Just 20 minutes after the first sighting the vessel’s rescue boat had been prepared, under the supervision of the Chief Mate, and there was contact soon afterwards from a USCG vessel, which was kept continually informed. The rescue boat was lowered at 18:03 and picked up the four people, all of whom were suffering from hypothermia, and one of whom had a leg wound.

All were taken on board the “WHITE PEARL”, safely and under the Covid Standard Operating Procedure, and given food, water and medical attention, with the USCG vessel approaching and fixing a rendezvous at 23 08N/079 24W. 

The rendezvous was made at 20:10. Shortly after, all four people were transferred to the USCG boat, and having been told that it was clear the “WHITE PEARL” resumed passage. 

Map view of white pearl
rescue and search for white pearl crew

This is yet another example of a Synergy-operated vessel (this one owned by one of the largest independent shipping companies in Japan) giving prompt and diligent help. 

Very well done indeed to all involved.