Keeping tight alongside drydockings

Covid regulations in China say that a crew change must happen 28 days prior to any drydocking, so in practice any Technical Superintendent proposing to attend one there must sail with the vessel for at least that time beforehand. 

This meant that Agnik Jana was on board the “BRIGHT DAWN” for well over three months. However, as outlined below, as well as following Synergy Group policy he found it a rewarding and fulfilling experience, and one which amply repaid the time.

A product tanker built in 2007 and trading under the Maersk MR Pool, the “BRIGHT DAWN” is one of the older vessels under Synergy management, and Agnik boarded her at Singapore while she was en route to a disport in South Korea. From there he sailed with her to the facility of Yiu Lian Dockyards (Shekou) Ltd at Shenzhen. 

During this her third Special Docking Survey, together with installation of a Ballast Water Treatment System, all 14 tanks were recoated so she can now carry all types of cargo, including lucrative veg oil. The “BRIGHT DAWN” also achieved the maximum CAP1 under the supplementary Condition Assessment Programme, which appraises a vessel’s hull, machinery, systems and electrical equipment.

The crew were excellent throughout and likewise there was very valuable guidance from the Senior Management Team consisting of UVR Krishnan, Fleet Manager Sivakumar DR and Marine Manager Kunal Mohindra, such that the entire project was achieved on time (52 days) and within budget. 

On completion of the assignment the “BRIGHT DAWN” straightforwardly departed towards Mailiao, Taiwan, for loading, with on-transit for discharge at Tanjung Bin, Malaysia.

With his next drydocking (for sister ship “NEW DAWN”) already lined up, and hence another long spell on board, Agnik signed off the vessel in Malaysia. He did so with a very good feeling of successful completion of a major project, and also with happy reflection on another example of Synergy’s commitment to Technical Superintendents always attending drydockings in person, rather than remotely. 

Agnik later rejoined the “NEW DAWN” at Fujairah, after a 12 day spell ashore with her for her scheduled drydocking, and two more of his ships – the “SHANGHAI DAWN” and the “NINGBO DAWN” – are heading for drydocking at around the same time and at the same Chinese yard, so in aggregate this will mean Agnik having spent another three months with each of three more ships.

Plainly, all this means much more senior time on board. Such attendance on the first two vessels certainly helped to ensure a good outcome for all, with important jobs well done, vessels showing a very marked difference before and after, and with all to the great personal satisfaction of Synergy’s attending Technical Superintendent.