Fairchem Victory’s Swift Response Aids Distressed Vessel in the Caribbean

Congratulations to Capt. Melwyn Dsouza and his crew on board the “FAIRCHEM VICTORY” for conducting a successful rescue on 7 March 2024.

While off Honduras in the western Caribbean Sea and in transit from the Panama Canal to New Orleans, the “FAIRCHEM VICTORY” received a VHF distress call from fishing vessel “SIR D”. The small craft had lost power and was about 22 nm away, and her crew of three requested fresh batteries so they could restart their engine.

Having contacted the stranded vessel’s office, Captain Dsouza also learned that she had been out of communication for the past six days, and immediately proceeded towards her coordinates to render assistance.

On arrival of the “FAIRCHEM VICTORY” the “SIR D” lifeboat approached, and the new batteries were safely transferred. Ten minutes later the fishermen reported that engine power had been restored, and both vessels then resumed passage.

This rescue did not involve the more familiar steps of protecting the other vessel from the elements, securing a line, towing, taking people on board or liaison with the authorities, but in the provision of new batteries it was, once again, performance of one of the most important duties, which is to render assistance and save lives at sea.

Fishing vessel on sea
Fairchem victory maritime rescue mission