Container ship productivity record

Image courtesy of Paranaguá Container Terminal. 

The 333m LOA “Cap San Maleas” recently broke a new record at the Paranagua container port. 

The vessel under the full management of Synergy Marine Group was the first to operate with 7 gantry cranes full time, enabling the facility to set an East Coast South America productivity record, with 158.4 PMPH (Port Moves Per Hour), and handling more than 3,000 moves in. The previous record, set at Santos in January, was 152 PMPH.

Well done to Captain Ian D’Souza, C/E Weeraratna and the very diligent team on the “Cap San Maleas”, for their unwavering focus on Synergy’s safety and operational standards. This enabled them not only to contribute to this record-breaking feat, but also to play very full roles in respect of the clients’ and charterers’ just-in-time strategy.

Congratulations also to the TCP Terminal de Contêineres de Paranaguá hard-working team.