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Amber on Red Alert

At 20:43 Local Time (LT) on 12 March 2021 in the Karamata Strait, south east of the Singapore Strait, the Synergy Marine Group-managed LPG carrier HLS AMBER received a Man Overboard (MOB) distress alert on VHF radio from a product tanker.  

Captain Kim immediately initiated emergency rescue procedures. Look-outs on the bridge located the Man Overboard at 2135 LT.

After several manoeuvres in darkness and amid traffic, a lifeboat manned by Synergy seafarers was launched and the man was safely rescued from the ocean at 21:55 LT – just 20 minutes after being spotted.

Having been stabilised and made comfortable the rescued seafarer spoke with Captain Kim. The Master of the other vessel was further updated on the rescue operation and the safety and wellbeing of his crewman.

Once the rescued seafarer had been stabilised and examined on the HLS AMBER it was decided that due to the risks involved in two fully laden vessels approaching each other at night, the rescued crewman would remain on board the HLS AMBER.

He was safely disembarked at nearby Nipah, Indonesia, at 1620 LT, on 15th March 2021.  

The Liberian Registry commended the officers and crew of the vessel HLS AMBER “for their quick action to respond to a distress call from other vessel”.

The Flag State of the HLS Amber added: “They were able to rescue an MOB victim. Their actions are highly appreciated and commendable and reflect the finest maritime tradition of aiding and rescuing other seafarers at sea.”

Our CEO Captain Rajesh Unni thanked the crew of the HLS AMBER for their brave and decisive actions which saved the life of one of their peers. “Captain Kim and his fantastic crew on the HLS Amber honoured the first law of the sea by going to the aid of a seafarer in peril on the ocean. The rescue serves as a strong reminder of the dangers of the seafaring profession, and dedication and bravery of those who embark on a career at sea. The crew of HLS AMBER honoured the finest traditions of marine search-and-rescue.” he said.