A message from our CEO for 2023

Founder and Chairman Rajesh Unni Synergy Marine

Heralding much further change, 2023 presents both challenges and opportunities, and part of our evolution is reflection that, whether as an industry, an organisation or individuals, we are all responsible for redesigning how we work and live. 

To that end we should harness the power of the three Cs – commitment, consciousness, and collaboration.

Every shipping organisation must now move from stated intention to committed action, especially on sustainability, safety, and the well-being of seafarers. My own unrelenting commitment – to ensure that every precious seafaring life is heard, understood, and consulted, and to create world-class onboard conditions – has never been stronger, and this year will see us continue to focus on investment in technology and safety systems. Also, when combined with our cutting-edge working practices and emphasis on physical and also mental wellness, ever increasing IT sophistication will ensure the long-term career progression of our mariners and shore staff alike and will secure their position in the future of our industry.

I see 2023 as a year of great trials and commensurate possibilities, and amid increased digitalising and decarbonising our people will take centre stage in the green transition. The Group has some of the world’s most intelligent, innovative, and caring men and women, and when such come together to solve a problem, each with raised consciousness from learning and habit, the possibilities are enormous. A value-based culture, where every leader embraces responsibility for people and planet, can help build a truly diverse, sustainable, and healthy future for all in the maritime world.

But nobody should make the journey alone. That can be costly, and to lessen mistakes and optimise every opening we must leverage the exponential of collaborative action. We have to regroup, open our ears, hearts and minds and focus on achieving the long-term goals that will genuinely transform our industry. Each of us has a unique story, but we need to hear those of others, too. We should learn from different sectors and engage with alternatives, as any one could make the key difference. 

The great poet and playwright T.S.Eliot rightly observed that “ … last year’s words belong to last year’s language, and next year’s words await another voice.” 

I wish you all a clear and distinctive voice as you tackle 2023 with commitment and heightened awareness, and in collaboration with all Synergians and other like-minded people who will share the path to greatness through wholesale industry transformation.

May you all have an awakened, fulfilling and rewarding year.

Be safe and blessed, 

– Captain Rajesh Unni