Synergy Showcases ‘Cradle-to-Grave’ Shipping Solutions

Part of the Mumbai-based Aditya Birla Group, UltraTech Cement Limited sought Synergy Group’s help with the key link in a cement supply chain from Gujarat to Sri Lanka.  

Having identified the challenges, experts from Synergy and UltraTech Cement, India’s largest cement manufacturer and the third largest producer worldwide, concluded that optimal cost-effective and efficient transit from Pipavav to Colombo meant a new, purpose-built and eco-friendly carrier, and Synergy was commissioned to design this. 

Having also supervised its construction, Synergy now has the full technical management of the state-of-the-art flagship “ADVAITA”, India’s first and only newly built, dedicated cement carrier. This 22,700 DWT vessel can carry 1,000 tonnes more per voyage than other vessels of the same type, while at the same time saving about $2,000 in daily charter hire and 25% in fuel, and greatly cutting emissions by achieving 20% more carbon efficiency.

“The most efficient ship operation is the one that is the best planned and crystallising the vessel’s final use at the outset of the planning process helped us deliver huge value in design and newbuild,” said Synergy Marine Group’s COO ( Dry fleet) Ajay Chaudhry. 

“It allowed Synergy to maximise expertise across the shipbuilding, architecture, operations and crewing skill sets in order to deliver a vessel that perfectly meets the needs of our customer. As just one part of the present and future of Synergy’s business of total shipping solutions from the cradle, the “ADVAITA” is a huge success.”