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Vessel Dry Docking

Synergy Maritime crew in dry dock
Aerial View of Synergy Group-managed vessel undergoing repair and maintenance at dry dock

Efficient dry docking management

Maximizing Quality, Minimizing Costs, and Ensuring Smooth Operations with Synergy’s Ship Technical Team

Whether routine or unplanned, a vessel’s dry docking will ordinarily be an owner’s largest aggregate annual cost item, so organisation and management are vital.

Synergy’s ship technical management team ensures optimal planning, pricing and coordination among all the vessel’s stakeholders, thus maximising quality, minimising downtime and achieving the tightest cost control.

Long experience and liaison with shipyards worldwide means lower costs and swifter turnaround, with accumulated knowledge continually and transparently reinvested for owners’ and operators’ benefit, thus progressively lessening manpower and resource demand in planning for both docking and resumption of service.

The highest standards in project management minimise unplanned cost, and rapid, frequent and accurate reporting further expedite a smooth and efficient return to operations.

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