Ship managers see opportunities in EU emissions trading complexity

“Traditionally the technical manager is overseeing regulatory aspects. Now, in this particular case, the onus is on the registered owners when it comes to ETS, so this shift can pose challenges, especially for the companies with multiple registered owners needing more expertise to meet EU ETS compliance.”

The Synergy Marine Group CEO, Corporate Functions and Marine Services has recently highlighted the emerging possibilities presented by the EU ETS.

Leveraging management experience and client base together with carbon trade market position, Synergy’s decarbonisation arm Azolla has teamed up with Vertis Environmental Finance, and in a recent TradeWinds Green Seas podcast Mathavan Subbiah addressed the complex and still evolving ETS mechanism alongside Wilhelmsen Chief Executive Carl Schou and Vertis head of shipping Frederic Bouthillier, who sees a unique entry point to hundreds of vessels and commensurate opportunity to expand the ship management package.

Emissions accounting via its Casper software platform is a key part of Synergy’s offering, and as well as guiding owners through the new regulatory reefs since 1 January 2024 the Group also empowers them “with knowledge and tools like Casper, helping them to optimise their fuel selection, thereby maximising energy efficiency and minimising environmental impact.”