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Ashore Careers

A successful career with the Synergy Group is one where company and individual share responsibility and pride in getting the very best out of the relationship. It is a two-way road, with bespoke pathways offering plentiful opportunities for personal and professional development.

The Synergy Group sees and treats each person as a key member of a world-class organisation, always equipped to respond, individually and with responsibility, to daily challenges, while continually aware of priorities, Group direction and the vital importance of the team.

To find out more about careers with us, email your CV to, so we can identify and develop the right opportunity for you or click on the button below to view current openings.

We regularly hire talented people to join us in our offices and aboard our ships across all our offices. We take the hiring process responsibility seriously, and NEVER charge people to join us. Learn more about avoiding recruitment scams and how we hire at Synergy here.