Synergy-managed product tanker recognised by Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore’s Green Ship Programme

Clean Ocean Jinko wins MPA Green ship vessel award

We are delighted to report that the Synergy Group-managed CLEAROCEAN GINKGO has met the stringent criteria for Singapore’s Green Ship Programme.

As part of the Maritime Singapore Green Initiative run by the MPA, this recognises best-in-class environmental performance by Singapore-flagged ships, and those that qualify are eligible for weighted financial incentives, including Annual Tonnage Tax and Initial Registration Fee reductions or rebates.

The criteria include the installation of engines that can burn low-carbon fuels which also meet strict EEDI reduction regulations.

The CLEAROCEAN GINKGO, a product tanker built in 2021 for DEE4 Capital Partners and under Synergy’s new building supervision programme, is also under Synergy Group’s full technical management, and very well done to our teams, both on board and ashore.