Team ‘Bow Performer’ brings reflective learning closer ‘home’

Synergy believes that safety is everyone’s business and not just a check-the-box exercise. That is why safety awareness is our number one priority, as we strive to create a culture of continuous improvement. Every Synergian, on board every ship, is tasked with taking personal ownership of his or her safety and the safety of others. To that end, Captain Pradeep Singh and the senior officers on the ‘Bow Performer’ hosted an onboard ‘Safety Day’ in the familiar format of a safety seminar ashore.

After about a week in the planning, and while on passage from Freeport to Suape, in the true spirit of willing participation in the altruistic and effective sharing and comparing of key skills and knowledge, the ‘Safety Day’ was celebrated on board the ‘Bow Performer’ on 28 January.

Through this fine initiative on a long Atlantic transit, the officers and crew were able to confound the new idea that all such nowadays are virtual and on-screen, by getting the entire complement together with maximum engagement and great camaraderie.

Starting with a review of any recent incidents or issues and the learning gained, a simple chart, rather than a formidable agenda, served as the guide. Captured on brief and digestible slides, the detailed content was prepared by Capt. Pradeep. Its focus was reflective learning by group discussion and isolating and tackling barriers to improving the onboard safety culture, with live crew review at all stages. 

Randomly drawn teams toured the vessel to identify and report on possible hazards. Mid-afternoon masala-tea and snacks were prepared by non-galley staff, role-specific PPE was considered, and matrix training was undertaken. Each person practised Learning From Incidents by writing an account of what their actions and role would now be, and the whole event further reinforced the leading idea that issues on board can be readily highlighted and discussed.

Thus, in these continuing difficult times, our team on board the ‘Bow Performer’, ably led by Capt. Pradeep, has enhanced safety by the innovative, fun and interactive method of bringing seminar learning to a crew on passage, rather than all having to disembark to find it ashore.