Synergy Marine Group wins the ‘Shipping Company of the Year’ award at the ShipTek International Awards 2021.

We are greatly humbled to have been awarded the “Shipping Company of the Year” award at the ShipTek International Awards 2021, for having provided thought leadership, compassion for seafarers and service excellence to our shipowner clients through the pandemic.

Receiving the award on Synergy’s behalf, the head of our Dubai office, Capt. Thomas Varghese said: “In this time of crisis, any recognition is for our teams on board ships, who are doing such amazing work. A big shout out to our colleagues at sea who have been pivotal to the progress we have made.”

The award was also made in recognition of Synergy’s technical partnership approach to ship management for ship owners trying to navigate the complex regulatory, digital and green pathways the industry is facing, and its embrace of decarbonisation and sustainability policies, all fully aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.