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New Ship Building and
Special Projects

Synergy provides ship owners and other stakeholders with professional marine consultancy, shipbuilding project management and supervision services for their new building and conversion projects worldwide.

The consideration of relevant financial, technical, operational and environmental aspects is vital for the success of any newbuilding or conversion projects.

Our standing in the industry and the scale and size of our newbuilding projects, helps us negotiate highly favorable material, equipment and sub-contractor arrangements for our clients.

The following is an outline of our typical service package:

  • Inspection, evaluation and selection of shipyards
  • Appraisal of building specifications
  • Negotiations on building specification and Makers lists
  • Plan Approval
  • Attendance and evaluation of model tests
  • Supervision during construction at the shipyard or at sub-contractors premises
  • Attendance and evaluation of shop tests, dock and sea trials
  • Follow up of Class and Flag state matters
  • Storing up and preparation for sea service

Ship Recycling

Synergy’s “Through-life approach” to asset management, places foremost emphasis on providing environmentally and socially responsible asset dismantling services to our clients.

The services include:

  • Consultancy services to identify the demolition yard
  • Detailed feasibility report & Inventory for Hazardous Materials (IHM)
  • Compliance with IMO’s HK convention for Recycling of Ships, 2009