Synergy Group New Logo

We are pleased to unveil our new logo.

Synergy, a company that stands true to its name, creates the perfect balance between its ethics and employees and is dedicated to providing unmatched services. Over the past ten years, we have built unwavering trust amongst our customers, fleet owners and our people by standing by our values. Over the decade we have strengthened our foundation in the shipping and crew management industry, which is the core thought behind our revised identity. The company has grown to become a global entity, imparting a new crest in the industry. The values of the company –  safety, empathy, integrity form the core pillars of our design. Our ships are our pride; our people are our strength, and our quality is our reflection. The new identity created out of the vastness of the form, the stripes of an epaulette and a shield form, personify the core values that we’re committed to!.