Employee Speak

ship management

I extend you a warm welcome on behalf of Synergy family.


ship management

The last eight years at Synergy have easily been the most fruitful and cherished of my professional life!

Ms.Priya Jaishankar
Purchase Manager
Ship Management

While working on -board, I never realized that I am ‘new to this company’ every procedure is so easily laid out- simple and understandable.

Mr.Puneet Singh
Ship Management

I joined the “Fleet Personnel Department” at Synergy in 2008 and almost six years down the line, and I can easily say that this was the best career move that I could’ve made, since this is where my passion lies.

Mr. Subburayalu
FPD Team
Ship Management

The ideal situation to be in professionally is when your professional goals and missions resonate with those of the organization you are in, I guess I am blessed in that respect – Safety was always my topmost priority when at sea, and that’s precisely what is at the forefront of everything that we do at Synergy!

Capt. Omprakash Lopendrakumar
Head, Mol Synergy Marine Training Center
Ship Management

I have been associated with Synergy for over two years now, and I want you all to know how privileged I am to be a part of such an amazing organization, filled with such amazing people and supportive environment

Ms. Vandana Arora
Manning Executive
Ship Management

Working with Synergy for the past Two years, I experienced as to what it  meant to be professional and responsible.

Ms. Parvathy Sudhakar
Marine Executive
Ship Management

I would like to thank Synergy for helping me to explore and expand my full potential. Synergy has given me lots of opportunities to reach my successful path

Mr. Jiji .K
Manning Department
Ship Management

Usually corporate offices are full of stress & tension, but here one can work peacefully (delight) to be fruitful for the company

Ms. Sheethal Ambrose
QHSE Executive
Ship Management

The atmosphere at Synergy is very professional, but it is also friendly at the same time

Capt. Charanjiv Singh Nalwa
Marine Superintendent - Manning
ship management

I joined Synergy right after college, and obviously, this place will always remain special to me

Ms.Elizabeth. R
Operations Executive - Tanker
Ship Management

It gives me immense pleasure to see Synergy grow from its humble beginnings to where it stands today!

Mr. M. James Anand
Fleet Personnel Manager (Tanker Fleet)
ship management

As I look back at the eight years that I have been at synergy, the one thing I am sure of is that my time here has helped me become a better professional and a better human being too! The year -2008 was the most eventful year of my life.

J.Mohan kumar
Manager- Accounts