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At the helm


Service and community are essential threads in Synergy’s social fabric. Be it in our everyday activities or long-term goals, we believe empathy, self-reliance, and empowerment are crucial components of a community’s progress. That’s why through initiatives aimed at education, hunger eradication, and women empowerment, we strive towards establishing a better society with a brighter future.

Synergy Educational and Charitable Trust (SECT) focuses on alleviating poverty and empowering communities to build a stronger and better society. SECT believes in sustainable development and supports causes such as the right to education, women empowerment, and the right to food by eliminating hunger. SECT envisions building a common platform for comprehensive and holistic rural development by empowering panchayats and collaborating with its community and principals to address gaps in development.



The program focuses on creating a self-sustainable model which could be adopted by any small-scale village.

Under the Prime Minister’s scheme of ‘Swachh Bharat Shauchalya Yojana’, toilets co-funded by SECT were set up in villages for nomadic communities to improve their general hygiene.


The program aims to help any community, irrespective of the sector, to be self- sufficient and nuture the basic needs of fellow human beings.

SECT in collaboration with Nipun Mehta, Founder – ServiceSpace (Seva & Karma Café), a non-profit organization, operated entirely by volunteers, organized food camps to bring cheer into the lives of those who are forgotten or avoided.


The program aims to provide basic educational infrastructure and amenities to uplift the underprivileged.

SECT joined hands with HOPE Foundation – Chennai, an NGO enabling change in the lives of children, young people and vulnerable individuals, and supported the Hope Foundation school by providing free uniforms and setting up an RO plant within the school premises to provide access to potable water.