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Diversity and Inclusion, a belief at Synergy

Inclusive Walkathon, a huge success!

With an eye on raising awareness about the inclusion of People with Disabilities (PWD) for the world at large, Synergy collaborated with the Indian Inclusion Foundation to organize an ‘Inclusive Walkathon’ in Chennai, India. The collaboration came up post discussions between Capt Unni and the founder CEO of India Inclusion Foundation. A war- veteran and India’s Blade Runner, Major D. P. Singh (Retd) was the brand ambassador. Exclusion, in any form, disconnects individuals from social relations and disabled people and their families often face isolation and exclusion from the larger society. Multiple barriers hinder their amalgamation into the mainstream.An ‘embarrassment factor’ remains evident among the non-disabled when they become self-conscious and awkward in the presence of a disabled person, although one in ten of the population has a disability.

Inclusive walkathon is the first-of-its-kind initiative, where every individual, irrespective of any disability, can take part in a 3km or 5km walk. The uniqueness of this walkathon is the ‘Buddy Walk’ that requires you to walk with a person who has a disability or by blindfolding a partner and walking half the distance and then switching places for the remaining distance.The disabled participants shared inspiring stories, and the hardships they faced, the struggles they overcame and what inspired them to never give up. They also shared several instances on how global companies do not discriminate amongst them anymore, thus providing them with equal opportunities and not let disability come in their way.We thank all the team members who volunteered and helped make this event a huge success: Capt. Ravi Kohli and Johnson Leonard in organizing the event and ensuring that the participants were provided with snacks and beverages post the Walk; Capt. Venkat from our Training department stepped in to coordinate the event, and Anand C.J. volunteered to be the official photographer.

Chennai Walkathon Video