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Careers Ashore

A career path in the Synergy Group is not necessarily a traditional career path but rather one which offers personal as professional development which may differ from staff to staff.

A successful career in Synergy is one in which both the Company as the individual takes a shared responsibility and pride to get the best out of the relationship.

We believe that with responsibility also follows accountability; we for one continually strive to unleash the full potential of each of our colleagues – onboard as well as ashore, all ranks told – and we encourage our staff to take the career opportunities when they surface.

But it is a two-way road.

At Synergy, we see each colleague as a valuable member of a world-class team, able, always to be in a position to deal with the many day to day challenges but never losing the direction nor priorities as recognizing the importance of the team.

You can find out more about careers with us. Email your resume to for shore based vacancies, so that we can spot the right opportunity for you.

We regularly hire talented people to join us in our offices and aboard our ships across all our offices. We take the hiring process responsibility seriously, and NEVER charge people to join us. Learn more about avoiding recruitment scams and how we hire at Synergy  here.