BW Birch – Best Quality Ship Award 2020

The VLGC “BW BIRCH”, which has been under our full technical management since 2016, recently received the “Best Quality Ship Award 2020” by the Japan Federation of Pilots’ Associations’.

The Best Quality Ship award was introduced in 2003 to heighten awareness of the need to protect ports and the marine environment through the safe operation of vessels.

The award recognizes the team’s overall efforts on safe operation, clear and effective Pilot – Bridge team communications, proper maintenance of navigation systems and pilot-boarding equipment.

At Synergy, SAFETY is one of our foundational principles, and we are proud to be working with and among colleagues who daily highlight our core values with their positive reinforcement of good, safety-oriented behaviors onboard our ships.

Heartiest congratulations to all the members, both past and present, of Team “BW Birch”!