A tribute to Sridhar Mahadevan by our CEO Capt. Rajesh Unni

It is with a profound sense of loss with which I share the sad news that our beloved colleague Sridhar Mahadevan passed away yesterday. In Sridhar I have lost a close and irreplaceable friend – someone that I can’t imagine my world, without.

I know that the news came as a shock to most of our Synergy family and as I try to come to terms with my personal grief, I am reaching out to you all to join me in extending our sincere condolences and comfort to his grieving family.

Those of you who knew him closely will vouch for his positive attitude, his insuppressible energy, his commitment to perfection but above all his pure passion for everything he did. For those of you who did not get an opportunity, I can proudly say that if there was someone I would blindly rely on to be my wingman, be it professionally or personally, Sridhar was certainly one amongst them. His honesty and steadfastness are virtues to live by.

A friendship that started 25 years ago of which half the years were working closely in Synergy has left a deep void in my heart. I cannot imagine what it will be like without his presence, his wicked humour and his loyalty. Synergy was his life and there is not a single person who has not benefitted from his immense contributions.

We had so much planned together to continue our marathons, walkathons etc and I find myself at a loss in so many ways with him in a better place.

I know that most of us are inconsolable right now, and all we are left with, are memories and a sense of gratitude, that we had the opportunity to get to know Sridhar, to work with him…and become his friend. The best gift we can give him is to be passionate and look towards perfection in whatever we do. At Synergy we are all blessed to be a part of an extended family and we will leave no stone unturned to ensure that Sridhar’s family remains an integral part of Synergy always.So long Sridhar, you will be dearly missed and I wish him all our love in his onward journey!

Capt. Rajesh Unni